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This page means to open the door and stimulate your interest about the Initiative für Praxisphilosophie und konkrete Wissenschaft (IPkW). It is the main german website for the so called Philosophy of Practice or Practice Philosophy. Philosophy of Practice in this sense has its offspring in the theory of Karl Marx. It includes not only the whole of social sciences, especially all themes of political economy and world history, but also philosophical reflections about nature and ecology. Also of main importance in the context of this website is the research concerning an alternative economic system, here called 'social economy as system alternative'.

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You may take a look at the author's personal page: Kontakt. Sample of his publications: Publikationen und Downloads. Basic and important literature: Philosophie der PraxisSelected theoretical ressources in English you find on the new site Marxismus International. New and international contibutions to a philosophy of praxis: Neues Forum Praxisphilosophie.  

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        about the project
A project started in 2001
This website started in 2001, but theoretical work intensified since the 80th, with previous studies in political economy, philosophy, social science, politics and also diverse political engagements in the background. What means this initiative in political philosophy?

This initiative intends to elaborate an up-to-date political philosophy, which refers to the novum of Karl Marx ideas, unites the best items of the critical and utopian inspired theory and puts the traditional  philosophy of practice into concrete terms. Therefore I call it a philosophy and science of social practice, or shortly a concrete philosophy of practice [ Konkrete Praxisphilosophie ]. This standpoint or paradigm claims to exceed both the so called critical theory and the mere traditional or dogmatic marxism.

To make clear the difference to pragmatism too and assure the roots, I use the term practice in its original, utmost philosophical and scientific meaning as praxis. So you may understand the 8th of Marx' theses on Feuerbach: 'All social life is essentially practical. All mysteries which lead theory to mysticism find their rational solution in human practice and in the comprehension of this practice.'

With the IPkW-Website ist intended to construct an internet platform, which samples and presents theoretical resources, offers a forum for practice-centered works and interests and chances to contact. In this way the rich inheritance of the European thinking line of a philosophy of practice can be vitalised and worked out as a modern paradigm of social sciences. The resource spectrum extends from Feuerbach, Hegel und Karl Marx over Antonio Gramsci, Herbert Marcuse up to Ernst Bloch, the Yugoslavian Praxis Group, the French philosopher Henri Lefebvre and reaches into current political philosophy, including not at least classical authors as G.H. Mead and modern thinkers as Pierre Bourdieu and Immanuel Wallerstein.

Outgoing from this the concrete philosophy of practice tries to elaborate the epistemological and methodological basics for concrete analysis and research of social practice and may start projects on this. But the main point in present time is to take up again creative research on political economy, the unfinished project of Marx' capital theory, but now with primary interest about a positive concept of a new mode of reproduction and social association. In the quite new concept of a social economy formation as system alternative, so the actual hypothesis, can be found the real answer to capital economy and thus the response to the striking  problems and the crises of capitalism in the time of neoliberal globalization.

To intensify networking and research about a concrete new economy system, in 2009 the domain www.socioeconomy.net was created and linked to www.praxisphilosophie.de The basic idea: The failure of the so called real-socialism experiments grounds substantially in the fact, that it reached neither theoretically nor practically a real new coast. On the other side, the modern social movements do not know a trustworthy alternative to the challenges and destruction forces of the dominating capitalistic formation and its globalization tendency.

In this situation the concrete philosophy of practice ought to contribute for well grounded economic and social politics in the perspective of a social transformation, to support peoples struggle for a better life.

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Please Contact
Dr. Horst Müller
Meuschelstr. 30
D - 90408 Nürnberg

Fon ++49 (0) 911 337781


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  Selected theoretical ressources for the English speaking world

Selected theoretical ressources - Links, Literature, Publications, Discussions - concerning the international scene of marxism and the philosophy of practice you find on the new site Marxismus International. Other sources in English on the various sites are marked with


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