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Internationale Quellen und Beiträge zur Erforschung, Entwicklung und Vernetzung des Marxismus- und Praxisdenkens sowie der politischen Linken.
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Welcome to visitors. Hauptseite zur Philosophie der Praxis: Philosophie der Praxis. Internationale Quellen der marxistischen und politischen Philosophie: Internationale Quellen.  Forum für Praxisphilosophie und Marxismus: Neues Forum Praxisphilosophie.
Die Wende zum Praxisdenken und der originäre Praxisbegriff (78-81)
Der transformationstheoretische Status der politischen Ökonomie (118-119)
Ein historischer lag der politökonomischen Kritik (126-128)
Marx ist der Begründer einer Weltphilosophie (314-316)
Die Wirtschafts- und Übergangsgesellschaft im Weltsystem (398-400)
Die konkrete Aufgabenstellung einer Transformationsforschung (417-418)
Resümee und Ausblick der Studie Das Konzept PRAXIS (538-551)
                                  Anzeige der Publikation: Das Konzept PRAXIS im 21. Jahrhundert
     * Titel und Fundstellen entsprechender Unterabschnitte der Publikation  


internationale marxismus websites

Insitutionen und Quellen

International Marxist-Humanist-Organization
Developing and projecting a viable vision of an alternative to capitalism, a new human society, that can give direction to today's freedom struggles: Authors, Philosophy and Theory, People, Focal Points, World Regions http://www.internationalmarxisthumanist.org/

Zeitschrift PRAXIS - Beiträge 1965-1974
Verzeichnis aller Artikel, Autoren und Fundstellen der internationalen Edition der Zeitschrift PRAXIS
bearbeitet von Horst Müller [ Markierungen der Texte in deutscher Sprache ]
Als IPkW-Onlinetext.

PRAXIS International - Articles 1981-1993
Journal im Anschluss an das Projekt der jugoslawischen Praxisgruppe.Im Onlineangebot von Blackwell Publishing Ltd.
Als Onlinetext available for non-subscribers

Historical Materialism
Marxist journal, founded in 1997, appearing four times a year, based in London

Critical Theory on the web
Website compiled by Dr. Malinda S. Smith, University of Alberta

The philosophy of theory and practice
Selected bibliography by Ralph Dumain
Autodidactproject Online

Study group on Gramsci's Prison Notebooks
Excerpts from and comments on Antonio Labriola: Socialism and Philosophy.
Study Group in Brisbane

Henri Lefebvre Page
Website of D. Phil. Rob Shields.

The Praxis Group in Yugoslavia
Marxists International Archive (MIA ).

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 internationale marxismus forschung

Internationale Forschungsansätze und Entwicklungen des Marxismus

Hoff, Jan: MARX global. Zur Entwicklung des internationalen Marx-Diskurses seit 1965. Akademie-Verlag, Berlin 2009.

Hudis, Peter: Marx's Concept of the Alternative to Capitalism. Haymarket Books, Chicago 2013 [ Zur Publikationsanzeige. This work shows that Marx was committed to a specific concept of a post-capitalist society which informed the whole of his approach to political economy. Reviewed by Dan Swain, Marx & Philosophy Society, 2012. ] [ Aus dieser Gesamtsicht wird also durchsichtig, inwiefern Marx es von Anfang an und bis in die tiefsinnigsten und weitreichendsten politisch-ökonomischen Entwürfe (MEW 42) und überall eingestreuten Partien um ein „conscept of alienation and social transformation“, um eine „Alternative to Capitalism“ (Hudis 2013) ging. (Das Konzept PRAXIS: 412) ]

Müller, Horst: Best of Karl Marx. Excerpts from the manuscripts Grundrisse der Kritik der politischen Ökonomie. Als IPkW-Onlinetext. [ Special selection from MEW 42. More than 100 citations, which concern the best and most far-reaching ideas of Karl Marx as an analyst and forward thinker of socio-historical transformation ]

Marxismusforschung in China und internationale Diskussion

Ouyang, Kang: Contemporary Marxism in China and Process Thought. Prof. Dr. Ouyang, Kang, President Assistant, Director of the Institute ofPhilosophy, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan. Vortrag 2001. Als IPkW-Onlinetext.

Ouyang, Kang: Contemporary Development of Marxist Philosophy in China. In: Socialism & Democracy online, 2011. Als IPkW-Onlinetext. [ Replies to Kang Oyangs Article on Marxist Philosophy in China als IPkW-Onlinetext ]

Sayers, Sean: Marx and modern China. Input to the International Symposium on China’s path towards poverty eradication and comprehensive well-off society, Peking University, October 2016. Als IPkW-Onlinetext.

Xiaorong Mi and Mao Lin:  The View of Practice of Marx and Its Realistic Significance. In: American Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Vo1. 1, No, 2, 2013, 74-79. [  In the philosophical theory system of Marx, practice is a fundamental category that occupies the primary position... Thus, a correct understanding of the practice category of Marx is of extremely important realistic significance ] Als IPkW-Onlinetext.

Yang Geng (2013): Defense for Marx. A New Interpretation of Marxist Philosophy. CANut Int. Publishers, Berlin-London 2013 [ Monograph by a major scholar from the Chinese academia expounding on basic opinions of Marxist philosophy, revealing the ignored or forgotten views by the classical textbook system of Marxist philosophy and systematically demonstrating the opinions that Marx has ever expounded but not sufficiently developed with the view of practical philosophy ] Buchanzeige von Leftreader als IPkW-Onlinetext.  

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internationale marxismus publikationen

Publikationen auf dem Gebiet des Marxismus- und Praxisdenkens

Bloch, Ernst: On Karl Marx. Herder and Herder. New York 1971 [ Selections from Das Prinzip Hoffnung: Marx as a Student, Man and Citizen in Marx, Marx and the Dialectics of Idealism ]

Cargnelutti, Daniele / Gandler, Stefan: Marxismo crítico en México: eurocentrismo, praxis y conocimiento, algunas acotaciones epistemológicas a la sociología. XXIX Congreso de la Asociación Latinoamericana de Sociología 2013. Als Onlinetext.

Elden, Stuart: Understanding Henri Lefebvre. Theory and the Possible. Continuum, London/New York 2004.

Fleischer, Helmut: Marxism and History. New York, Harper & Row, 1973. [ Marxismus und Geschichte. Suhrkamp Verlag, Frankfurt 1969. 6. Auflage 1977. Übersetzungen ins Spanische, Italienische, Englische, Portugiesische, u.a.]

Fuchs, Christian (2016): Reading Marx in the Information Age: A Media and Communication Studies. Perspective on Capital Volume 1. New York: Routledge.

Giovanni Gentile: The Philosophy of Praxis. Als  Onlinetext

Gramsci, Antonio: Gramsci at the New York Marxist School. Page ofthe International Gramsci Society.

Haug, W.F.: Gramsci's "Philosophy of Praxis ". Camouflage or refoundation of Marxist thought? Als Onlinetext
[ From the Introduction to vol 6 of the German critical edition of Antonio Gramsci's Prison Notebooks / Gefängnishefte, vol 6: Philosophie der Praxis ]

Labriola, Antonio: History, Philosophy of History, Sociology and Historical Materialism. 1902/03 Als Onlinetext.

Marcuse, Herbert: Books, Articles and Reviews about Herbert Marcuse. Comprehensive list compiled
on Harold's UCSB homepage

Marcuse, Herbert: On the Topicality of Selected Aspects of Herbert Marcuse's Works. Page of
the Herbert Marcuse Association.

Marcuse, Herbert: Philosophy and Critical Theory, in: Negations: Essays in Critical Theory. Boston: Beacon Press, 1968. Exzerpt als Onlinetext bei autodidactproject.org

Marx, Karl: Theses on Feuerbach, in: MEW 3. Here in English from MarxistsOrg.

Markovic Mihailo / Petrovic, Gajo (Hg.): Praxis - Yugoslav Essays in the Philosophy and Methodology of the Social Sciences. Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science, Volume 134. Dordrecht (Holland)/Boston (USA)/London1979.

Müller, Horst: Historical barriers of capital economy and suggestions about alternatives. English version of: Historische Schranken der Kapitalwirtschaft und konkrete Alternative. in: Zeitschrift Sozialismus, Nr. 2/2007. VSA-Verlag, Hamburg. S. 49-56. Als IPkW-Onlinetext. [ A post-capitalistic perspective of transformation: The new idea of Socio-Economy as alternative to Capital Economy. As to that the latest article: Sozialkapitalismus und Systemtransformation. In: Berliner Debatte Initial 23 (2012) Nr. 3, S. 77-93. Als IPkW-Onlinetext ]

Müller, Horst: Karl Marx und Immanuel Wallerstein. utopistische Analysen zu den Krisen und Alternativen des 21. Jahrhunderts. In: Immanuel Wallerstein / Horst Müller, Systemkrise: Und was jetzt? Utopistische Analysen. Supplement der Zeitschrift Sozialismus 4/2010. ISBN 978-3-89965-956-6. Als IPkW-Onlinetext.

Münster, Arno: Concrete Utopia, Consciousness of Anticipation and Praxis in the thought of Ernst Bloch. Symposium "Ernst Bloch" on the Conférence Londres. Published 18.12.2013. Online on YouTube (30 min.).

Pendakis, Andrew u.a. (2014): Contemporary Marxist Theory. A Reader edited by Andrew Pendakis, Jeff Diamant, Nicholas Brown, Josh Robinson, and Imre Szeman. Bloomsbury Academic Publishing. New York / London / New Delhi / Sydney. Als Onlinetext des Gemeinsamen Bibliotheksverbundes der Länder (GBV).

Suenker, Heinz: Henri Lefebvre's Legacy of the Micro- and Macro-Problem in Social Analysis. Here
as IPkW-Onlinetext.

Schmied-Kowarzik, Wolfdietrich: Karl Marx as a Philosopher of Human Emancipation. Source: Poznan Studies in the Philosophy of the sciences and the Humanities, Volume 60, pp. 355-368. Here as IPkW-Onlinetext.

Tan, Sherman: Outline and explain Antonio Gramsci's theoretical project with regards to his revision of Marxist ideas. ARTS 2101 Essay, 2013. Als IPkW-Onlinetext. [ View on Antonio Gramscis ideas and resonance, especially on Gramsci's philosophy of praxis - bridging materialism and idealism ]

Thomas, Peter D.: The Gramscian Moment. Philosophy, Hegemony and Marxism. Historical Materialism Book Series, vol. 24, Brill, Leiden/Boston, 2009  [ Absolute historicism, absolute immanence and absolute humanism. These concepts should be regarded as three 'attributes' of the constitutively incomplete project of the development of Marxism as a philosophy of praxis ]

Thompson, Peter: Ernst Bloch and the Spirituality of Utopia. Rethinking Marxism, 28:3-4, 438-452. Als Onlinetext des Verlags, 2016.

Tosel, André: Praxis. Vers une refondation en philosophie marxiste, Paris, Éditions Sociales, Messidor, 1984. Vásquez, Adolfo Sánchez: Philosophy of Praxis, London 1977.

Vranicki, Predrag: On the problem of practice. Praxis, 1965,1, pp. 41-48.Here as IPkW-Onlinetext

Wang Nanshi / Xie Yongkang: Marx's Practical Materialism. The Horizon of Post-Subjectivity Philosophy. Canut International Publishers, Berlin-London 2006. ISBN 978-3-942575-05-8

Wisman, John D.: Why Marx Still Matters. Onlinetext des Autors, Washington DC, 2013. [ Adeep understanding of Marx's project is essential for developing an adequate science of society. Marx unfolded a theory of our self-creation, the manner in which products of our manual and intellectual labor act back upon us to create us socially and intellectually ]

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internationale marxismus diskussion

Grundfragen der Marxinterpretation

Bellofiore, Riccardo / Starosta, Guido / Thomas, Peter D.: In Marx's Laboratory. Critical Interpretations of the Grundrisse. Brill, 2013. [ A critical analysis of the Grundrisse as a crucial stage in the development of Marx's critique of political economy. ] Der vollständige Sammelband jetzt als Onlinetext.  

Bonefeld, Werner/ Heinrich, Michael(Hrsg.): Kapital & Kritik. Nach der "neuen" Marx-Lektüre. VSA-Verlag, Hamburg 2011 [ Kapital-Interpretationen mit Beiträgern von Chris Arthur, Riccardo Bellofiore, Joachim Bischoff, Joseph Fracchia, Christoph Lieber, Kolja Lindner, Urs Lindner, Marcello Musto, Helmut Reichelt, Oliver Schlaudt, Anne Steckner ]

Feenberg, Andrew: The Philosophy of Praxis: Marx, Lukacs and the Frankfurt School. Verso 2014. [ Revised Version of the first edtion, 1981. Review as Onlinetext, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. German translation forthcoming 2016/17 ]

Hudis, Peter: From Philosophy to Organization and Back: Marxist-Humanist Tasks and Perspectives. September 23, 2014. [ New interest in Marxist humanism, the relation of economics to philosophy in Piketty and Marx and that of philosophy to organization for Marxist-Humanism ] Als Onlinetext der Organisation. 

Musto, Marcello (Ed.): Karl Marx’s Grundrisse. Foundations of the critique of political economy 150 years later. Routledge, 2009. [ The relevance of the Grundrisse to an understanding of Capital and of Marx’s theoretical project as a whole. It also highlights the continuing explanatory power of Marxian categories for contemporary society and its present contradictions ] Siehe auch One Hundred and Fifty Years of Marx's Grundrisse : Incomplete, Complex and Prophetic. Onlinetext bei MRZine.

Pendakis, Andrew u.a. (2014): Contemporary Marxist Theory. A Reader edited by Andrew Pendakis, Jeff Diamant, Nicholas Brown, Josh Robinson, and Imre Szeman. Bloomsbury Academic Publishing. New York / London / New Delhi / Sydney. Als Onlinetext des Gemeinsamen Bibliotheksverbundes der Länder (GBV).

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